Insignificant in the face of mother nature…

Hi Lifetickers,

Hope this finds you in good health and spirits and well on your way to achieving your goals for 2011. I did intend to write briefly on our release of Lifetick tutorial videos on YouTube. However, I think they are self explanatory, so I will simply provide you with a link to our channel. Feel free to subscribe so you can be notified when new tutorials are added. We’ve started with 10 videos and we’ll be extending this in the coming weeks to cover the various intricacies of our goal setting and life coaching software products. Hopefully, this will be of additional assistance in your use of the software. In the meantime, this post is being hijacked by news of some other events that have taken place in the last few days.

Here in Brisbane (and pretty much the entire state of Queensland in Australia) there has been a phenomenal series of floods. The devastation it has wreaked may in fact go down as the greatest our country has ever seen. Whilst the overflowing goodwill of the various communities in aiding the cleanup has been amazing to see and be a part of, the reality that now faces many thousands of people is one of great uncertainty as they try to piece together lives and livelihoods that have been literally swept away.

I’m acutely aware that a few words on this blog can do little justice in conveying the enormity of what has been (and will be) endured. Nevertheless, given our Lifeticking community is a global one, it would be a bit callous of me to provide a blog post on Lifetick’s progress without at least acknowledging what has happened literally a couple of miles down the road. Our hearts also go out to those in Brazil who’ve also suffered a similar fate, but sadly with a far greater sacrifice of human life.

One needn’t spend much time on a news website anywhere in the world to realise people everywhere are faced with adversity. Amidst this dark backdrop, there is one thing that remains certain. And that is the strength of human spirit. Whilst we are always evolving, perhaps what should not be forgotten is that we are also enduring. The very core of our being is one of endurance. It is a word that speaks so much. It carries with it a sense of weight and hardship. But it also speaks of hope. Because to endure something surely means to outlast it. And that is what defines us. It is the people who endure great suffering and emerge on the other side that so much inspiration can be drawn from. Surely the goals we set for ourselves are all the more worthwhile because we have had to work so hard for them… enduring the struggle to claim the prize. After all, isn’t it the journey that we are really interested in rather than the destination? What are highs without lows?

If you do start to wane in your efforts this year, don’t be down hearted. It is a part of life. But do draw strength from those who have truly suffered and endured. Their actions have spoken louder than the words of any great orator and they will continue to speak. It is the human spirit as its finest.