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Create a repeating task

Click on the goal to open it. Click on the ‘Add task’ button.

Enter the name of your task. Be as descriptive as possible and make sure your tasks are granular. This means breaking them down to their smallest element. If you think a task could be broken down into two or more tasks then do so. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it allows you to be clear on the individual task you need to complete. Secondly, it allows you to feel a greater sense of progress as it means you have more items you can makr as completed.

Select ‘Repeating’ for a task that will have multiple instances. This will reveal new options for you to complete. Set a due date for your task by clicking on the calendar icon. Enter the recurrence of the task. This can be daily right up to yearly.

Select whether you want the task to repeat for a number of instances or until a set date. If you choose a set date, Lifetick will automatically calculate how many tasks will fit in that time frame. For all repeating tasks, Lifetick will show you how many recurrences there, how many have been completed and what the next due date will be for the next recurrence.

You may also choose to receive email reminders for this task. The option available include daily, weekly, fortnightly (i.e. every two weeks), monthly or simply on the day, one day before, three days before or one week before. If you do not see all of these options it may mean your task is due too soon for that option to be relevant. For example, if your task is due in the next three weeks you will not see a reminder for ‘monthly’. Please note: for repeating tasks, the reminder relates to the next instance due for your repeating task.

Finally, you may wish to add a note about your task. This can be any type of additional information relating to the task. For example, it might be websites you want to visit, people who you will call, what you have already learned about that task. Anything you want that will provide additional context. Once this is done you can click ‘Save’ to return to the list of tasks for this goal or ‘Save + add another’ to keep this Add task window open to add your next task.

Note: You can clearly see Single tasks, Repeating tasks and Multi tasks in your goal view. Single tasks show a checkbox that can be checked. Recurring tasks show a checkbox that can be checked with a circular arrow inside as well as the number of instances completed out of the total and Multi tasks show the subtasks listed within them. For any tasks with a Note on them, you can see the clickable Note icon next to the due date.