Convert a goal to a dream

Should you decide you aren’t ready to start or continue working on your goal, rather than delete it and lose all the work you have contributed to date, you can simply convert it to a Dream. Dreams are like goals before they are born. Lifetick allows you to capture dreams that one day you may want to start working toward achieving in which case you would convert them to a goal. By having a whole section for Dreams, you can be free to put all your imaginative thoughts into one space.

To convert your goal to a dream, click on the ‘More’ button then select ‘Convert to dream’ from the drop down menu.

You will be asked if you are sure at which point you can click ‘Ok’. The goal has now been stripped of its tasks and placed in the Dreams section of Lifetick. You can now add a ‘Likelihood’ for achieving your dream: Hopeful, Confident and Absolutely are your options. The Core value will carry over from your goal, but you are free to change it as will your reason for why this dream is important to you.

You can also set a once off reminder for this dream. You can update this whenever you choose. Unlike goals, there is no due date for dreams, so you may leave your dream here as long as you like. Click ‘Save’ to complete the process. Your goal is now a dream. The good news is you can easily convert it back to a goal and any task that was not completed will be reinstated back into the goal.