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Quick start guide for organisations

Setting up Lifetick for organisations be they businesses, clubs, groups, schools or even families is relatively simple. Nevertheless, we recommend reading through this guide first so you can do everything in the optimal sequence. We highly recommend all organisation administrators first become familiar with Lifetick’s goal setting process themselves. Understanding how your users will set […]

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Quick start guide for individuals

Lifetick is designed to have you up and running with your goals in no time. This guide provides a quick overview of the steps you should take to be on your way to success. It provides links to more guides for detailed information on those steps. If the process of goal setting is completely new […]

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How goal setting works

Goal setting is a time proven mechanism practiced by millions around the world that helps individuals achieve more out of life. When left to our own devices, humans tend to “take the path of least resistance”. This often leads to a discontented life. However, if we focus our efforts on achieving the things that are […]

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