How goal setting works

Goal setting is a time proven mechanism practiced by millions around the world that helps individuals achieve more out of life. When left to our own devices, humans tend to “take the path of least resistance”. This often leads to a discontented life. However, if we focus our efforts on achieving the things that are important to us, we can live a more purposeful existence, which ultimately leads us to more happiness each day. Goal setting is fundamental tool that allows you to realise your potential. But what exactly is the process? How does one go about setting goals…?

It all starts with Core Values…

Default Core Values in Lifetick

Core values. Sounds impressive, almost scientific. But in actual fact they are more to do with who you are. Well, who are you? The way to find out is to ask yourself – what are the important areas in my life? Typically, people will say things like Family, Career, Health, Financial freedom. Then of course, there are things like Spirituality and Lifestyle. All of these are core values. Think of the best way to summarise your life. What is really important to you? Maybe you have a core value of Contribution, what you put back into the world. Perhaps it is Adventure, fulfilling your need to be free and roam the world. Whatever you feel best sums up your life can be described in about 4-8 core values. Once you have determined what these are you are in the right frame of mind to work out what your goals in life truly are!

But it’s important you create a S.M.A.R.T. goal…

I’m sure many of you know what a S.M.A.R.T. goal is. But we’re not here to assume. That’s why it’s important we spell it out. Even if you do know it, a little refresher won’t hurt:

Make sure your goal is:

SpecificDoes the Goal clearly state what it will achieve?
MeasurableWill you know if you have achieved your Goal?
AchievableIs this a Goal which can actually be achieved?
RelevantDoes this goal reflect your values in life?
Time SpecificWhen do you want to achieve this goal by?

As you can see, there is an art to formulating a goal, but it is something within everyone’s reach. The fact that you are entering goals into Lifetick means you are ahead of 99%* of the world who either live in a dream land or keep goals in their head.

* Ok, We made that figure up, but we are sure it’s pretty high. It may even be 99.9%. Besides, it doesn’t matter who you are ahead of or behind. What matters is whether you are achieving the things in life you want to achieve. Are you?

There must be steps associated with achieving a goal?

Absolutely. They are called tasks.
Tasks are like “To Dos”. Just little things that get ticked off on the road to achieving the big one. Buying the set of scales, booking flights, doing 20 pushups everyday, deciding on color schemes, organizing a meeting, preparing a job application, researching a travel destination, practising the piano each week. These are all tasks that are indicative of what you will enter when you are creating a goal. Just remember though, you must enter every single task. This is because you need to know what it is you have to do to achieve. Furthermore, it really feels good when you tick a task as complete. Seriously, we love it. You will too. It’s like being on an escalator when others are on stairs. You can just feel yourself heading in the right direction… in style.

What else?

Well, there’s not too much more to it really. A key thing is being reminded, so Lifetick does that for you according to what suits you. Look at your goals everyday. Visualize them. Refine them. Adjust dates if you need to, but make sure you get them into your consciousness and start getting those tasks completed. Use the Journal to capture your thoughts – you know the highs and lows of life. When you look back on them, you’ll be filled with pride seeing what you’ve achieved. Use the Life screen to make sure your life is in balance. Have you got a good spread across all your core values? Do your core values need adjusting or perhaps your goals? Remember, this is a learning process. Over time, you will really find out what is important to you. Finally, use the Status screen to track all the metrics and keep on top of upcoming tasks. It is meant to be a fun screen, so design it to your fancy.

Keep visiting the site for more tips and if you ever need some help, don’t be shy. Shoot through an email on our contact page. We may not get you a response in mission critical time, but we do care, so we will respond – personally.