Quick start guide for organisations

Setting up Lifetick for organisations be they businesses, clubs, groups, schools or even families is relatively simple. Nevertheless, we recommend reading through this guide first so you can do everything in the optimal sequence.

We highly recommend all organisation administrators first become familiar with Lifetick’s goal setting process themselves. Understanding how your users will set and achieve their own goals in Lifetick will show you how they will interact with Lifetick and how you can influence this to their success. The easiest way to get familiar with Lifetick is to set some goals yourself or take a look at our Quick start guide for individuals.

Once you have created your account, you should now work through the settings one by one. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Decide whether you want users to create their own core values, use the default set in Lifetick or set up your own organisation core values. This is how to Configure core values for your organisation.
  2. Configure the naming convention you want to use in your organisation. Lifetick is based on the Coach – Client relationship, but you can use terminology more suitable to your organisation such as Manager-Employee, Teacher-Student or Parent-Child. You can always change this in the future, but be aware it can be confusing for users if it changes as these names are reflected all throughout Lifetick such as buttons and screen names.
  3. Establish your brand within Lifetick. There are several elements to this. Firstly, you can Provide your users with a custom login screen with your own logo. This will be unique to your organisation and will make it more personalised for your users. Secondly, you can Display your logo in the automated welcome email users receive when you add them to your account. This will automatically Show your logo throughout your Lifetick account for all your users. Last, but not least, you can Display a custom message in the automated welcome email your users receive. It is important to have this bedded down and refined before adding your users. We recommend creating a fake user to experiment with so you can see what they will see in the emails and their own accounts.
  4. The next item is to check your subscription plan. You can increase or decrease at any time. Here’s how to Check the monthly billing amount for your organisation.
  5. When you are satisfied that Lifetick will suit your needs, then you can Add payment details for your organisation account. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied or you need help in setting up your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love you to help you get the most out of Lifetick.
  6. You are now ready to Add users to your organisation. The order is important. Here’s who to set up:
    1. System admins. These are the people who can manage the Lifetick account including settings, branding and subscription. They can also help you add and assign users.
    2. Super coaches. These people will have visibility over everyone’s goals and will need to be Coaches as well so they may have their own Clients.
    3. Coaches. These people only have visibility of the goals set up by users assigned to them. They can add users and assigned them to themselves, but they cannot add users across the entire organisation. They also have the ability to set up their own groups within their list of clients. This will help with viewing their clients and also allow for different messages to be sent to different groups. Note: Before proceeding to setting up clients you should ensure all Super Coaches and Coaches are set up properly and are familiar with how Lifetick works. Again, it is important they know how to set goals themselves in Lifetick and if possible we encourage them to experiment with a fake client account that they can interact with as Coach so they understand exactly what the experience is for their Clients.
    4. Associate Coaches. These users are similar to the Coach, but they can also be selectively associated as a Coach to other Clients who have a different Coach.
    5. Clients. You are now ready to set Clients up. You will need to ensure they are assigned to the right Coaches. You must also be aware that as soon as you create a new user, they will receive their welcome email. Again if you need help at any stage we would love you to Contact us so you can get the best out of Lifetick!

Congratulations! You are now ready to help those around you succeed. We look forward to supporting yoy and your teams, students or children along the way.