Add users to an organisation

Organisations include businesses, schools and families. Within the organisation users can be coaches (e.g. managers, teachers, parents), clients (e.g. employees, students, children) or both.

To add users to your organisation, go to the User Management screen and click on ‘+ Add user’.

Note: Only users with the ‘Super coach’ role can add users for the organisation. A “Coach” can add his/her own ‘Clients’. This is done from the My clients screen (i.e. My employees, My students, My children). Remember that these roles will be labeled according to the naming convention you choose. i.e. Super coach = Super manager, Super teacher or Super parent.

Complete the person’s name and email fields.

Select the roles for the user. They can be a client or a coach or both. In this example, the naming convention uses employee for client and manager for coach.

Clients are those that receive coaching and set goals. Coaches are those who view others’ goals and support them in achieving them. Organisations with hierarchies may want some of their people to be coaches and clients. They may coach some users and be coached by another user.

Note: If you select someone as a Coach (e.g. Manager, Teacher, Parent), you will see the additional option to make them a Super coach (i.e. Super manager). Check this box if you want this person to have full User Management privileges. This means they can add, edit, assign and remove users. It also means they can see the goals for all users in the organisation’s Lifetick account.

If the user is created as a client (e.g. employee), then the next step is to assign them to a coach (e.g. manager).

Note: It makes sense to set up coaches first so that when clients are created the coaches are ready in the system to be assigned to.

Each coach can create their own groups for the clients assigned to them. This can be used by the coach to filter their users and provide another option for messaging clients. Note: Coaches can message individuals, all their clients or the groups they create.

If no groups have been set up, it can be done from this screen. Click on ‘Add/edit groups’ from the ‘Add user to the following group’ drop down menu.

Click on “Add group” in the Manage groups window.

Enter the name of the group, select a colour and click ‘Save’. Repeat the process for additional groups.

When finished creating groups click the ‘Close’ button.

Confirm your selection.

The final selection is for System Admin. Check this box if you want to allow this user to have complete access to your Lifetick account. This includes adding, assigning and removing users, changing the settings, branding and subscription. Click ‘Save’ when done.

Note: The new user will receive an automated email with their account information and login instructions.