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Goal sharing and collaboration

Support someone in achieving their goal

A Lifetick user can invite you to support them with their goal achievement. This means you will be able to see their goal in your own Lifetick account. You will be able to provide comments and track their progress in the same way that they do. To support someone’s goal, the goal setter will send […]

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Create a shared goal

Anyone can create a shared goal with another Lifetick user. This enables more than one person to work together completing the same goal. You can choose to create a new shared goal or change an existing personal goal to a shared goal. Click on ‘Create goal’ in the goals screen. Complete the details for your […]

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Add a Supporter to my goal

Supporters are people who can see your goal through their own Lifetick account. They do not need to have a paid Lifetick account as they can support an unlimited number of goals on the free version. It is helpful to have supporters who can see your progress and provide encouragement when you are working towards […]

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