Create a shared goal

Anyone can create a shared goal with another Lifetick user. This enables more than one person to work together completing the same goal. You can choose to create a new shared goal or change an existing personal goal to a shared goal.

Click on ‘Create goal’ in the goals screen.

Complete the details for your goal as per an individual goal.

Click the ‘Sharing’ button to add people to your goal.

Add the name and email of the person whom you’d like to share the goal with.

Choose a role for the person sharing your goal. There are two options:

Collaborator can add, edit, remove and complete tasks

Co-owner can update all task, goal and sharing elements

Note: You can choose whether to restrict their access to your goal with only the email you have entered. However, if they use a different email address for their Lifetick account, then make sure the privacy checkbox is unchecked.

Click ‘Invite’.

The person whom you invite to share this goal will receive an email invitation with a link to Lifetick and the goal. If they do not have a Lifetick account they will receive instructions on how to set an account up.

When they click the link in the email to Accept the goal they will see an option to accept or reject the invitation

The status of your invitation and the people who are sharing your goal are visible at the top of Sharing window. You can cancel the invitation at any time prior to the person accepting the invitation.

When a sharer has accepted the sharing invitation, the goal creator will receive an email notification and the status will be updated against the goal.

Once all the sharers have been added and they have accepted you can create the goal tasks. These can be assigned to an individual person or for anyone sharing the goal to complete.

Complete the task by adding the due date, reminders (optional) and note (optional).

Note: You cannot set reminders if you set the task assignment to ‘Anyone can complete’.

Note: This goal will appear in all the sharers’ Lifetick goals with a core value of ‘Shared’ and the colour black. You can have multiple shared goals with different Lifetick users. Be aware that if you are on the free account Shared goals will count toward your account limit of goals.

You can continue to add other Lifetick users to an existing goal or remove them before it is completed.