Configure core values for your organisation

A key component of Lifetick is the ability for individuals and organisations to set Core Values. These ensure every goal that is created, is aligned to its higher purpose.

There are three ways organisations can implement Core Values for their people:

  1. Leverage the default set of core values
  2. Allow users to create their own core values individually. This is typically appropriate in coach/therapist/consultant to client relationships or
  3. Create a custom list that everyone in the organisation uses. This is typically used for companies that want their employees to create goals in alignment with their Company Values.  

The following steps show how to create your own custom list for your organisation. These changes can only be performed by a user with a System Administrator role.

Under ‘System admin’ on the lower left part of the main page click on ‘Core Values.’

A list of the default core values is displayed in this section. Click on the core value that you wish to change. Rename the core value and click on ‘Save.’ You can also delete a core value by clicking on ‘Delete.’

Your new users will now see the new core values when creating their goals.
Note: Existing users will need to change any existing core values manually. Therefore, it is a good idea to update your organisation’s core values prior to creating users.

If you wish to give your new users the default set of core values or allow them to create core values on their own, you can click ‘Change Core Values Policy.’ 

Select one from the options and click ‘Save.’

Core values are what matters most in our lives and our businesses.
You can check It all starts with Core Values… for more guidance on how to properly identify your core values.