When and when not to give up

It’s very easy to sit back and give advice on goals from the office chair. We all know it’s actually tough to go out there and achieve them. In doing so, is there ever a time when we should simply give up? Many people might cry: “Never!” But in reality there can be very good reasons. Let’s explore a few. It may not seem like a motivating concept to ponder, but equally sometimes it’s worth considering what we are sacrificing in order to pursue something.

When to give up

  • When it becomes far too damaging to your health (only you can determine what level this is)
  • When it is damaging important relationships in your life
  • When it starts to make you forget about other more important things in your life
  • When it becomes immoral or unethical
  • When it feels like your heart simply is not in it… at all… and you are only doing it in spite of yourself
  • When you realise you were only doing it due to peer pressure or societal pressure and not a genuine burning desire
  • When it no longer aligns to your values

Not very pleasant to contemplate. Perhaps we should balance it out with some opposing views.

When not to give up

  • When your reasons are really just excuses
  • When you are almost there
  • When you have made a promise to yourself
  • When you have made a promise to others
  • When you know in your heart this is more important to you than most other things in life
  • When you are exhausted, disheartened or disillusioned. Sleep on it and make a decision when you are in the right frame of mind.
  • When everyone else around you has given up
  • When it feels like the darkest hour… because that is the closest to the dawn

Obviously, these lists could go on. The key point is to constantly evaluate the things we perceive as important in our lives. These can change. Equally, situations can become clearer over time giving us a better perspective on our motives and justifications.

Have you considered your own position in life lately? Did it reveal some truths? Potentially, uncomfortable ones? We must constantly strive to be authentic and that can be challenging in a world that is full of contrivances. Nevertheless, the first step is to evaluate and then re-evaluate our goals, motivations and values in life. Staying true to these will help you achieve the goals that matter and shed the ones that don’t.

Happy discerning.