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Create a goal

In the Goals screen, click on the ‘Create goal’ button in the blue header row. Alternatively, if this is your first goal, you’ll a  From the goals screen, you have two options to create a goal.

Enter the name of the goal first. Try keep in mind the principles of S.M.A.R.T.  goals as described on the screen.

Enter the due date by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting that date.

Click on the Core value drop down. If this is your first goal you will need to click the button ‘Add/Edit core values’.

Enter a Core Value. These are the areas that are important in your life and the way in which you will group your goals. You can add, edit and delete your Core Values at any time, but you must ensure every goal linsk to a Core Value. For more information on Core Values we recommend reading this informative article. [LINK]

Click the ‘Add core value’ button.

Enter a name for you core value. You can change the default colour for the core value by clicking the dropdown button to the right.

Once you have created a core value it will appear in your pie chart.

Continue adding core values until you are satisfied. Remember you can change them later if you like.

Complete a ranking of Magnitude and Priority for your goal. Magnitude is ranked from Easy (1) to Audacious (5) and Priority is ranked from Low to High. Only you can decide the ranking you wish to give.

The next part is important. Spend some time describing why you want to complete this goal. This will be what you reflect on during your journey toward achieving this goal. Whilst it’s important to have the WHAT defined correctly, it’s even more important to really understand the WHY. We often need to remind ourselves of what really matters to keep us motivated whilst working toward our goal.

Before clicking ‘Save’ you should now confirm that your goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time specific. Creating a S.M.A.R.T. goal will greatly improve your chances of success.

Your next step is to Create a single task, recurring task or multi task.