Join our Rapid Deployment Program (RDP)

Implementing software for organisations is often hard. But the thing is: it doesn’t need to be.

Most enterprises struggle with prioritisation and time. We understand the perils of the process to get a program up and running: evaluation, contracting and negotiating, coordinating, piloting, resourcing, launching, monitoring. The list is endless. We have dealt with those issues first-hand and we understand how exhausting and overwhelming that is, not just for administration but for the employees/staff/students as well who have BAU to contend with (Business As Usual).

We can remove 90% of that hassle.

This is why we created our Rapid Deployment Program (RDP). Our RDP helps you get started on the right foot by streamlining the process of getting Lifetick up and running in your enterprise. With this program, enterprises are able to save time by being guided and fully supported through implementation from start to finish.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s what is included in the RDP:

  1. It is 100% bespoke. We work with your leadership to understand needs, concerns, timing and most importantly, objectives.
  2. High Level Organisational Change Management (OCM) Plan to ensure the new program is adopted successfully by your people.
  3. Account setup and all necessary configurations. Alternatively, we can guide you through this process 1-on-1.
  4. User creation and management.
  5. Onboarding and training for all users through virtual training sessions.
  6. Monitoring for insights on adoption.
  7. First Class Customer Service to ensure people are productive and empowered.
  8. Post implementation review with your leadership.

Furthermore, we work to your schedule. The RDP is offered free to our Enterprise Clients, but we will ensure our smaller clients can also get the support they need.

If this seems like something that could accelerate your people’s performance, Contact us immediately so we can help you can get there with Lifetick.

We look forward to being a part of your success.