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Maximizing adoption: Change Management considerations for implementing Lifetick

In order to successfully implement Lifetick at a company or school, the organisation needs to ensure it can answer the following questions: What is our number one objective?A clear objective ensures your users have a purposeful use of Lifetick that in turn means they are able to better perform their roles in the achievement of […]

Join our Rapid Deployment Program (RDP)

Implementing software for organisations is often hard. But the thing is: it doesn’t need to be. Most enterprises struggle with prioritisation and time. We understand the perils of the process to get a program up and running: evaluation, contracting and negotiating, coordinating, piloting, resourcing, launching, monitoring. The list is endless. We have dealt with those […]

Easy Ways You Can Turn Financial Goals Into Success

Whether the calendar is nearing January 1st and the New Year’s Resolutions are flowing, or something is igniting a self-improvement spark inside of you, you’re probably thinking about goal setting. And for many goal seekers, financial freedom is at the top of the list. Having financial goals are great; They can teach valuable financial skills […]

Overcoming adversity in an uncertain world

Guest post by Lachlan Brown from Waking up every day to the news of thousands of new infections and deaths, of second waves occurring in places where the virus was thought to have been defeated, of economies crashing because of forced lockdowns – it’s not easy. For all of us around the world, this […]

Reassessing personal goals amidst the chaos of COVID-19

In times of great uncertainty, personal goals can suddenly come under extreme scrutiny for a number of reasons. What was once deemed critical may now seem irrelevant and what was once regarded as well off into the future now becomes prescient and urgent. The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused alarm, concern and of course, uncertainty. […]

A Guide for Setting Workplace Wellness Goals

Workplace wellness is a term that has risen in popularity in recent times. For businesses, this means promoting programs, behaviors, and activities that support the health of their employees to foster a more efficient and positive workplace culture. But the key to a successful wellness journey for employees, or anyone for that matter, is to […]

Finding Ways to Fit Your Study Goals into Day-to-Day Life

Today we have a guest post for you courtesy of David Recine of Magoosh. Focused on study goals and how we can incorporate them into life, it offers some practical tips and sound advice to ensure ongoing success. Enjoy!  Setting study goals can be challenging, especially if you aren’t a full-time student. To find time for […]

My tv antennae is broken. Life just got so much better.

Close to a year ago, my tv antennae (or coaxial cable) failed to deliver a signal. At first I was mildly perturbed, but then I thought “I might just hold off on getting this repaired”. I was curious as to how long I could go without tv. It turns out, the answer was and is […]

Stuck in a rut? Move forward quickly with these tips…

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut in life. There are many daily challenges that can seem daunting and insurmountable that push our minds and bodies into a state of inactivity and loss of hope. These are the times we need to work on our goals the most and stay true to the […]